Project Documentation available for download

The TAMS project will make available selected documentation of the projects' deliverables and the press releases from the final project closeout May 22nd 2012 event.

Press Information, Project Closeout, May 22nd 2012

Press Release (German Version)
Press Release (English Version)

Presentations and Keynotes given on Project Closeout Event, May 22nd 2012


German Language Part
Ganzheitliches Flughafenmanagement (Wörner/DLR)
Innovationen zur Steigerung der Effizienz (Atiya/Siemens)
TAMS Überblick und Konzepte (Meier/Siemens, Piekert/DLR)

English Language Part
Aspects of AOP and APOC (Meier/Siemens)
Air-to-Air Triathlon (Strasser/ATRiCS, Burke/Barco Orthogon, Hoppe/Inform)
Passenger in Focus, (Claßen/DLR)
Benefit Assessment in TAMS (Jipp/DLR)

Concept Documentation

Below available for download is a selected set of concept documents that have been created within the TAMS project. It is part of the attempt to spread the results of the project back into the ATM community and to foster progress to solve future's challenges in this domain. All documents are in english language.

Operations Operational Concept Document TAMS OCD v-1-0-1 (final)
Operational Scenarios and Business Use Cases TAMS OS/BUC v-3-0-0 (final)
Glossary TAMS Glossary v-1-0-1 (final)

Technology Simulation Concept Document TAMS SCD v-1-0-0 (final)

Benefit Validation Concept Document TAMS VCD v-2-0-0 (final)
Assessment Validation Report TAMS VR v-1-0-0 (final)

Final Project Reports

Holistic TAMS
TAMS Final Report (English Language)

TAMS Abschlussbericht (German Language)

Individual Partner reports (German language only)


Flughafen Stuttgart



Previous public material

TAMS short summary, for ATC Global 2010 (pdf'd)

TAMS flyer, for ATC Global 2010 (pdf'd)

For further questions, contact either Christopher Stein (Siemens) or Florian Piekert (DLR, Project Manager DLR).
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